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NEW DELHI: Students of Delhi University’s Law Faculty are now concerned due to DU’s new academic calendar. They are worried that they may have to appear for two exams in a gap of less than a month. The university had promoted them without an exam during the novel coronavirus-induced lockdown. But the Bar Council of India has said these exams are necessary for the students as and when their session begins in the offline mode.

As per the new academic calendar, exams for all students of second and third year will be conducted on December 12. The law students are now worried as they feel that the gap between their previous semester exam and the next semester exam will be too less and they won’t be able to study well.

According to third-year student Vaibhav Yadav, “There is no clarity if the colleges will physically open after October 15, as is mentioned in the Unlock 5.0 notice issued by the government of India. As per the DU academic calendar, our exams start from December 12. The problem is that if the physical classes start in November, then we will have to appear for two different exams in a short period of time.”

The student stated that when the pandemic was at its peak, DU had allowed first and second year students to be promoted based on their past academic records. For the third year students, DU conducted an online open book exam (OBE).

“But the BCI in its June 9 press release had stated that even if students are promoted, exams are a must,” said Yadav.

The BCI had said that “all students, except final-year students, will be promoted on the basis of their performance of previous year’s marks and marks obtained in the internal examination of the current year. However, it is clarified that after reopening of the colleges/universities, the universities shall conduct the end semester examination with respect to the year from which they have been promoted, within a reasonable period of time, though such promoted students shall continue to study in the year to which they have been promoted. And in case they are unable to pass/clear any such paper of such end semester exam of the year from which they have been promoted, they shall have to clear the same before they are granted the degree. In the case of students who have been promoted to the final year as LLB students, they shall have to pass all papers in order to obtain their degrees.”

According to Law Faculty union vice-president Shivank Trivedi, “Many students are worried that if colleges start in and after November, they will have to appear for the December exam as well as clear their previous year exams in a short span without any time for preparations. A few students are planning to file a petition over this.”

However, Law Faculty dean Vandana said, “Students need not worry. The restarting of physical classes would be decided by the government. The BCI has not said that exams should be conducted as soon as the classes begin. We will make sure there is no trouble for the students.”

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