GU choir remotely composes music, launch today – Times of India

PANAJI: Based on words of the Mahatma Gandhi ‘My Life Is My Message’ the Goa University (GU) choir has put together more than 50 singers and soloists from India and Europe to release an original composition on September 8. To create this project 51 GU choir singers and the soloists recorded their own voices and videos from home and then put it together to create an original composition.

“Singing from home on a virtual choir is a new experience for all of us – humans have been singing together for thousands of years, but usually together, face to face. Now due to this Covid-19, we are exploring new ways of creating music together, but at a distance. It gives us the rare opportunity to connect with singers and musicians from all around the world,” said Visiting Research Professor for Western Music at Goa University, Professor Santiago Lusardi Girelli.

The video and the audio of the work My life is my message will be available in all the GU choir platforms and social media and on streaming platforms like Spotify, iTunes, etc after its release.

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