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The COVID lockdowns, and the resulting recession, has impacted the female labour force harder than the male labour force in India. Millions of women have been forced into unemployment involuntarily, or voluntarily as they have to take care of the household as well. In just the private education sector, there are reports of more than a million teachers out of work across the country. This is on top of an already abysmal 25% participation rate of the female labour force in India (pre-COVID). In addition, the continuing threat of the virus in the short term, and economic hardship in the medium term, threatens to deprive millions of children of the very necessary early years education in their formative years.

The situation has potentially far-reaching consequences for the country – the impact of COVID-19 has left a large number of women unemployed and many young children without access to any early years education. Even pre-COVID, of the approximately 160 million children under the age of six in India, less than 50% accessed formal or informal early years education. That number has gone even lower now.

To address this twin problem, Kïdo Education, a global education company with preschools in five countries (including the premium Safari Kid chain in India) has launched Kïdo Village – a platform where any woman in India (whether a teacher or not) can set up a micro-preschool or day-care (a Kïdo Village Pod) at their home for kids in their community. Kïdo provides the training, certification, curriculum, marketing support and quality control. Parents can access a world-class curriculum and high-quality early years education and care around the corner from where they live. Kïdo provides the apps to manage a Pod and communicate with parents. For as little as ₹1,500/month, an entrepreneur could set up at home and earn ₹70,000/month (sometimes even more).

Aniruddh Gupta, Founder and CEO of Kïdo spoke about the launch from the Group’s headquarters in London: “We have always believed in a future where every child has access to quality, affordable early years education. With Kïdo Village, we hope that this will become a reality for millions of children in India. We are leveraging our international expertise, curriculum and product to make it available to any person who wants to set up a micro-preschool or creche at home, at a very low cost. They don’t have to be a teacher, as long as they want to take care of young children, we will do the training and the certification. Parents can be assured of a high-quality and safe experience. The really gratifying part is that through this, we create immense self-employment opportunities for women across the country as well.”


The pricing model is simple and affordable for parents and teachers. Teachers are free to charge whatever they deem fit within their neighbourhood to the parents. The platform charges the teachers half of the monthly fees of one child, irrespective of the number of children they take, with a minimum of ₹1,500/month. This gives the teachers an opportunity to build an entrepreneurial venture while having the support of Kïdo’s global education best practices.

In each case (and every case), the parents get a high-quality education for a very low cost (given their demographic), and the Pod owners gain employment and income from their homes.

The flexible pricing model has the power to transform the lives of children and women across the country since both parents and teachers essentially pay what they can afford.

Over time, Kïdo intends to make the platform available to the local governments as well for the thousands of anganwadis across the country.

The biggest impediment to high-quality early childhood education in the country is access, training and female employment. Kïdo Village promises to solve for all three.

What does the platform provide?

The Kïdo Village platform will provide:

For the teachers:

If you’re a teacher or an aspiring one, you can set up a micro-preschool or day-care at your home for kids or in your neighbourhood. Our team of educational experts will help you receive adequate training and certification in early years education based on our Kïdo international early years program for all ages up to 6. Our Kido Trainers will be available to assist you with all the resources you need to set up your home to function as a preschool. From a dedicated website that will feature your profile page allowing parents to search and take tours to set up your presence on social media, round the clock IT tech support, we ensure that you have all the right marketing material and support to set your business up for success.

For parents:

Kido Village is an exclusive platform which offers parents high-quality global preschool and day care right at your home or neighbourhood at a lower cost. Our global curriculum will be delivered by well-trained teachers from your own residential complex or locality and by someone who you would know and trust. The benefits of having to enrol your child in a micro preschool are immense, including low overall group sizes and children forming a strong sense community to learn and grow up in. Children will also have access to specialist classes such as yoga, foreign languages, music, etc. Kido Village emphasises on the importance of quality and ensures that every child’s unique learning requirements are fulfilled, in your own neighbourhood itself.

For more details, visit www.kidovillage.com

To register Kidovillage.com/teachers

You can write to us at enquiry@kidovillage.com

To see how women can set up their own pods, please view the video below:

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