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MUMBAI: Final-year students from some of the city’s law colleges have claimed that the multiple choice questions (MCQs) asked in their exams are picked from readily available sets online. In at least two colleges, students alleged that the questions were picked from sample MCQ papers meant for judicial services exams, which they claimed is unfair. “The questions asked in judiciary services’ exams, cannot be at the same difficulty level as the questions asked for students who are preparing to be lawyers,” said a student.

Harshal Khairnar, a student from five-year integrated LLB programme at Government Law College (GLC), said that more than 50% of the questions were directly picked from an online set, from a sample paper meant for judicial services exam. “The difficulty level of the paper was very high and not meant for law students,” he said. He brought the issue to the notice of the college in an email. After a technical glitch, Khairnar was allowed to take the online exam again on Sunday. “The exam had questions which were again from sample sets of judicial services and other online resources,” he added.

Students plan to seek extra 20 marks compensation.

Another law student, Naina Sharma, who has given two papers so far, said that there were more situational questions in the Evidence Act paper as compared to the sample sets or even the ATKT paper they gave us. “Aspirants are tested in these two acts in civil services and judicial services exams as well and therefore a lot of MCQs are available on them. But the level of testing is different for these exams as they are competitive in nature and undergraduate law programme cannot be at par,” she said.

She added, “Many questions were picked from the internet without even changing the order of the multiple options, making it easier for students who are indulging in unfair means. The software only has proctoring features that are restricted to the device, and does not involve a web camera. So one cannot change browsers, click screenshots, or get notifications during the exams on that device, but one can have other tech gadgets with us.”

GLC’s in-charge principal R Kale was unavailable for comment.

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