Problem more prevalent in urban areas than in rural: Teachers – Times of India

The teacher added that they tried to connect with these ‘missing’ students with the help of other students in the area, but found they do not reside in their old homes.

Teachers said that the problem is more prevalent in urban areas than in rural areas as many students have either moved back to districts or out of the state. According to them, this problem is mostly with class 6, class 7, and class 8 students, among other classes.

“In my class, three students had Covid-19-related deaths in the family and about five to six students went back to Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, among other areas. I have been trying to reach out to these students, but in most of the cases there is no response,” said a teacher from Government High School, Nallakunta, adding that when the entire school is taken into consideration the number of untraceable students will further increase.

A Sridevasena, commissioner and director of School Education, Telangana, hopes that the percentage of untraceable students would not be as high as 10%. “Many students migrated to other parts during the pandemic. What we need to believe is these students are accessing digital classes as viewership for Doordarshan during the time digital lessons are telecasted. The viewership has increased by 200%,” Sridevasena told TOI.

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