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PUNE: Over 9,000 of the 2.5 lakh students registered in the final year of various courses under Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU), are still unreachable, officials said. The examination will begin from Monday.

The students were told to choose from online or offline mode of examination but these students have not opted for any method despite many attempts to reach them.

“When the final count was taken, around 14,000 students had not chosen any mode of examination. We sent bulk SMSs and also tried to reach them through their colleges and were able to contact some of them. Of these, 5,000 chose online mode. But we have been unsuccessful in contacting 9,000 students. We have kept the option open for them in case they choose the online mode. If they are unable to appear for the exam now, they will be allowed to appear for it at a later stage,” Mahesh Kakade, controller of the board of examinations and evaluation, said.

Meanwhile, considering that the maximum number of final-year students are facing problems in the mock tests as they could not remember their email id or passwords, Savitribai Phule Pune University has told them to write to the IT support team requesting for regeneration of a new password or registering a new email id.

Till now 1.90 lakh students have appeared for mock tests with many of them giving it multiple times, making the count go up to 2.80 lakh.

Students have been airing their grievances on social media platforms regularly and there have been complaints that the university has not provided question banks for all subjects. Some of the question banks provided had very few questions, the students said.

Kakade said the university has been able to upload the question banks for about 750 subjects. “We will be uploading the question banks for about 2,500 subjects. The process is going on and within a day, all subjects would be covered. We have received several queries related to technical issues cropping up during the mock test and we have answered them in an FAQ format for all students to see and uploaded them on the website as well. Students are requested to go through the university website. Most of their questions are answered there. They can also contact the helpline number at 9717796797,” he added.

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