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CHANDIGARH: Students in Haryana between the age group of 18 to 29 years are worried about their exams, career and job opportunities amid the lockdown and restrictions owing to the coronavirus pandemic.

They were equally concerned about families running out of ration owing to lack of jobs. They were also finding difficulty in adapting to online classes.

These facts came to light in an assessment by a Bengaluru-based startup ‘YourDOST’ in collaboration with the state’s Department of Higher Education. The findings were made public on Wednesday.

The online counselling and emotional wellness services’ platform has been providing free support to more than 1,00,000 college students in Haryana.

Richa Singh, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer with ‘YourDOST’, said, “We launched this initiative in April in partnership with the state’s Department of Higher Education. Till now we have conducted more than 1,000 sessions with students to motivate them by offering expert guidance.”

“While conducting these sessions, we have identified three major issues that have been particularly upsetting students during the lockdown. They are worried about their families running out of ration, worry about their exams, job opportunities, and career choices, and finally difficulty in adapting to online classes, a new trend that has emerged during the lockdown,” she added.

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, students have emerged as one of the most vulnerable sections of society who have been under tremendous pressure.

Adding to this emotional turbulence was the isolation of physical distancing to stay safe.

Through the ‘YourDOST’ helpline number 1800 313 2023, students can speak to experts about their personal challenges.

The experts help them navigate through their feelings and emotions and in the process deal better with the situation.

Sharing his experience, beneficiary Prabhan Hisar said,”It is very useful in these times and it is useful for all those who need support. I would like to thank ‘YourDOST’ wholeheartedly.”

“I was particularly worried about my studies and my career. The expert I spoke with guided me so well. I am feeling much better now,” added Ankit Makkar of Rohtak.

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