VKE student creates functioning prosthetic arm from Lego – Times of India

PUNE: Shaurya Pardeshi, a grade 5 student of Victorious Kidss Educares has designed a fully functional prosthetic arm model using Lego, a statement issued by the school said. Explaining his model, Shaurya said, “I have made this for people who only have a half an arm due to injuries, or because their bodies did not fully develop. The hand can easily be attached to the socket in the prosthetic arm and it moves according to the movement of the biceps”.

Using only rubber bands, a few Lego pieces, and an air pump motor which he himself designed and created using Lego pieces, Shaurya made the prosthetic arm in just about three hours. With this creation, Shaurya displayed excellent creative thinking, a kind and compassionate nature for those who have been disabled and in pain and a very refined tech savvy engineering thought process. Doing it under three hours showed strong problem-solving skills, said president of VKE, Robbin Ghosh.

This young star is yet another proof that when it comes to creativity, the philosophy of teaching and learning at Victorious Kidss Educares focuses on helping their children, discovering their secret power from within. Creating and climbing their own mountains of success and achievements, all the way up to the top of the peak.

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